Zirakzigil Worldbuilder 2x12"
Worldbuilder Worldbuilder

Zirakzigil Worldbuilder 2x12"

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Release Date: June 10, 2016

Zirakzigil – so named after the misty mountain peak from the Lord of the Rings - have been slowly conquering the Pacific Northwest since their formation in 2013. Heavily influenced by both classical music and the prog rock of the 70’s (Yes, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, and Rush, just to name a few) Zirakzigil blend these elements with sludge and doom to create a sound like no other: an onslaught of crushing heavy riffage fused with sporadic flourishes of progressive insanity.

If the geek in you wasn’t already sold on their Tolkien name, their first release, Battle of the Peak, recorded in one take in the band’s basement, was released on cassette with classic Super Nintendo cartridge packaging. It was shortly after this release that the band went on to win the gold medal at the Portland Metal Winter Olympics. Shows throughout the region with Witch Mountain, Arkona, Lord Dying, and many others helped shape and refine the band’s sound.

At the end of 2014, Zirakzigil recorded Worldbuilder, with legendary producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High on Fire) which showed a huge leap in songwriting from BOTP. While BOTP was unique and original, it can easily be considered a demo, with its home-recorded vibe and experimental song structures. Worldbuilder, on the other hand, shows a finely honed crafting of their glorious, sprawling, and monumental style, exploring every musical idea in depth and never ceasing until every riff plays fast and slow, light and heavy, forwards, backwards, upside-down, and everything in between.

Originally self released in very limited quantities in early 2015, it was Worldbuilder that caught the eye of Prosthetic Records, who quickly signed the band. The album will now be properly released in early 2016 with bonus tracks and brand new artwork, and will be made available on vinyl for the first time.

For Zirakzigil every song is a challenge, a challenge to be tackled head on with unyielding ferocity. Clear the path. Make way. They are coming.

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