Polar No Cure No Saviour 12"
No Cure No Saviour
No Cure No Saviour No Cure No Saviour

Polar No Cure No Saviour 12"

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Release Date: May 6, 2016

Often in today’s ‘quick to make a statement’ world, we find that most of the time what happens is just that – one tweet, one post and then on to the next selfie or Instagram upload. Follow through is a lot of times forgotten. There’s the old cliché, ‘actions speak louder then words’. In UK punk-infused, post-hardcore outfit POLAR, their words have always been loud. With their new album, “No Cure, No Saviour”, their actions will definitely be louder.

Vocalist Adam “Woody” Woodford remarked, “When we started writing our new album we were looking at the world and current affairs for inspiration. Over our touring career we have seen first-hand the ever-growing issue of people living homeless lives, we feel this is an issue that is close to our hearts and really needs to be highlighted.”

Recorded and engineered by Justin Hill (Young Guns, Rise To Remain, Sikth), the album further intensifies their lauded guttural, anthemic sound personified on their 2014 Prosthetic debut “Shadowed By Vultures” with 11 harrowingly emotive proclamations. With this release, the band wanted to act on these assertions and help make a change rather than just stand on the sidelines and preach.
Having witnessed the ever-growing issue of homelessness throughout their touring career – which has included runs with bands such as Funeral For a Friend, Gallows, While She Sleeps and many others, the band utilized their downtime while on the road and took to the streets to try and make a change. On their recent tour they made food and headed onto the streets to feed, be company with and listen to people in very less fortunate situations than themselves. They heard firsthand the chilling accounts of their day-to-day lives and the hardships they constantly face.

The band then contacted the national charity organization for single homeless people, Crisis - who've changed lives and campaigned for reform for more than 40 years - in order to team up with them to raise money and build awareness to the homelessness plight.

Prior to the release of “No Cure, No Saviour”, Polar will embark on a series of benefit shows donating all proceeds from the performances directly to Crisis. The shows will take place in unorthodox locations- rehearsal rooms, barber shops, skate parks-in hopes to reach more than just the casual Polar fan.

Upon album release, they’ll hit the road with US’s The Word Alive for a full month and then play various festivals throughout Europe as well as dates with the like-minded, politically charged Boy Sets Fire. All through the course of this cycle they’ll be bringing to light the issue of homelessness and urging people to get involved with Crisis or any local charities.

Alex Kennedy, Campaigns Manager at Crisis, said: “This support from POLAR comes at an important time. Unfortunately homelessness in all its forms is on the rise, so money raised is more important than ever as we expand our services to meet this increased need.”

Woodford continues, “With our music we are hoping to reach out to people to raise awareness of a charity that is restoring faith back in to humanity, this will be our accomplishment as a band. We are all skin and bones and everybody deserves to lead a full and fulfilling life.”

For more information on Polar and Crisis, please visit:

No Cure No Saviour
Official Tracklisting:

1. Blood For Blood
2. Downfall
3. King of Kings
4. Until The Light
5. Tidal Waves and Hurricanes
6. No Cure
7. Deus Ex Machina (ft. Andrew Nuefeld)
8. Destroy
9. Cold Dark Nothing
10. Lost Souls
11. No Saviour

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