Withered Dualitas CD

Withered Dualitas CD

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Release Date: October 26, 2010

Withered, formed in 2003, exists to explore the darker aspects of human existence and deliver it to the masses while exemplifying unbridled truths about human nature. From the exploration of coping with tragedy to theoretical philosophical approaches, Withered continues to push their boundaries of perception into a realm of solitude and raw introspective discovery. They have released three full length albums, Memento Mori (2005 - Lifeforce), Folie Circulaire (2008 - Prosthetic) and Dualitas (2010 - Prosthetic). All three albums have been critically acclaimed and topped numerous year end and decade end lists. Withered mixes a blackened atmosphere with the weight of doom metal & old school Scandinavian death metal to culminate a unique blend of extreme styles and expression.

Track Listing
1."Extinguished With the Weary" - 05:29
2."Residue in the Void" - 07:02
3."Seek the Shrouded" - 05:16
4."Interlude" - 02:51
5."From Shadows" - 05:10
6."The Progenitor's Grasp" - 05:38
7."Aethereal Breath" - 08:20
8."Outro" - 02:55

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