Beneath The Massacre Maree Noire CD
Maree Noire

Beneath The Massacre Maree Noire CD

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Release Date: September 14, 2010

Beneath the Massacre seems to have hit the high point of their careers (with the obvious exception of 2005's Evidence of Inequity) with their 2010 release Maree Noire.

The vocals are... well, you know what to expect from Elliot Desgagnes. It's really low, and... that's about it. There's really never any change from him, which I suppose is okay for technical brutal death metal, but it's starting to get a little tiresome.

The bass is practically nonexistent, which, once again, is to be expected from this type of death metal.

The drums are very uniform, always sticking to a strict blast beat formula. This is not necessarily a bad thing; as a matter of fact, it sounds extremely appropriate.

With this I am lead to the guitars, which are vastly improved from previous BTM releases. They seem to have a purpose with this release, not simply meandering around displays of excessive technicality. However, for those of you worried that this may have negatively impacted the technical aspect of the band, not to worry; Christopher Bradley continues to show an amazing talent on his guitar.

In conclusion, this EP is the best Beneath the Massacre have been in years; however, I hesitate to give it a higher rating due to the fact that there are still some issues that need to be ironed out.

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