Gutter Instinct The Insurrection 12"
The Insurrection

Gutter Instinct The Insurrection 12"

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Release Date: May 18, 2015

Prosthetic Records is proud to unveil the signing of GUTTER INSTINCT – raw, atmospheric and blackened buzz-saw Swedish death metal at its finest. GUTTER INSTINCT was founded in 2012 with the aim to unleash a unique combination of grinding death metal – no compromise, no remorse. After writing and rehearsing four revolutionary and unholy songs, the band entered Studio Mangelrum to record their first demo tape, “Obedience.” The demo – self-released by the band in 2013 – was swiftly appointed “Demo of the Month” in the leading Swedish metal magazine Close-Up. GUTTER INSTINCT returned to Studio Mangelrum to the "The Insurrection" EP. This time the band was striving to incorporate a more atmospheric, black metal element to their already mammoth sound, drawing influence from newer bands such as Teitanblood, Bölzer, Grave Miasma, Black Witchery and Portal. "The Insurrection" EP will mark the band’s first release on Prosthetic Records, and GUTTER INSTINCT is currently in the process of writing new material for the upcoming full-length album due out in late 2015. On this album the darker atmospheres will be even more apparent as the band's sound is evolving with a blackened edge to their haunting death metal.

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