Ramming Speed Doomed to Destroy CD
Doomed to Destroy

Ramming Speed Doomed to Destroy CD

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Release Date: June 25, 2013

Simply put, RAMMING SPEED brings it, night after night -- and those
nights are about to get even sweatier thanks to the Boston quintet's
blistering Prosthetic debut, "Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die,"
which sees the band in full-on battering ram / bulldozer / wrecking
ball-mode. Recorded at GodCity Studio with Kurt Ballou (Converge,
Black Breath, Kvelertak) and mastered at AudioSiege by Brad Boatwright
(High On Fire, Tragedy, Sleep), the album's 13 tracks memorably
combine the charging rhythms of d-beat punk and the aggression of
thrash with NWOBHM-worthy guitar harmonies and grind's blinding speed.
No need to take our word for it, though -- just ask around.

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