SSS Limp Gasp Collapse Audio Cassettes
Limp Gasp Collapse

SSS Limp Gasp Collapse Audio Cassettes

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Release Date: November 10, 2014

Prosthetic Records are proud to release the new SSS album entitled 'LIMP. GASP. COLLAPSE.' on November 11, and it's surely the band's most dynamic and heaviest work to date. The message is bold and uncompromising, the playing showing a band on top of its game. LIMP. GASP. COLLAPSE. is presented with art by Richey Beckett (Metallica, High on Fire, Converge, Kvelertak), developed around a central concept at the heart of the album with Carcass' Jeff Walker present on guest vocals.

Hardcore aggression, metallic riffs and break-neck grind: look no further than SSS.

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