The Hell Groove Hammer Audio Cassettes
Groove Hammer

The Hell Groove Hammer Audio Cassettes

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Release Date: July 8, 2014

Lauded as "the most exciting band of 2014" via Front Magazine, UK's THE HELL have been raising eyebrows and
wrecking havoc in the hardcore scene with the release of their critically acclaimed and despised debut album "You're
Listening to The Hell". Love them or hate them, THE HELL are here to stay as they've signed a worldwide deal with
PROSTHETIC RECORDS to release their sophomore offering "Groovehammer", due out on July 8.

Featuring “big riffs, memorable hooks and enough shout-along moments to guarantee pandemonium at any gig,”(Metal
Hammer) "Groovehammer" was self-recorded, mixed and mastered at Titan Studios in Watford, UK and features thirteen
venomous, in-your-face hardcore anthems. The band will proceed to decimate audiences at several of the year's top
European festivals including Sonisphere, Copenhell & Hevy Fest!

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