The Algorithm Polymorphic Code CD
Polymorphic Code

The Algorithm Polymorphic Code [Import] CD

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Release Date: November 19, 2012

e brainchild of talented producer Rémi Gallego, THE ALGORITHM infuses modern metal breakdowns with a menagerie of electronic subgenres such as IDM, chiptune and breakcore to concoct his own potent style of fiercely heavy music.

After a successful premiere of his live show at this years Euroblast Festival, Rémi will now be focusing on playing more shows around Europe, including a BASICK showcase in London, scheduled for early next year.

THE ALGORITHM will release a new single ‘Tr0jans’ (which includes new versions of the tracks ‘Isometry’ and ‘Antikythera…’) and a new, as yet untitled album via BASICK in early 2012.

Rémi Gallego - Guitars, Electronics
Mike Malyan - Live Drums

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