Felix Martin The Scenic Album CD
The Scenic Album

Felix Martin The Scenic Album CD

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Release Date: September 17, 2013

As long as new artists keep flocking to the works of Steve Vai, Tony MacAlpine and Frank Zappa for inspiration, we're going to keep finding more technique-oriented instrumental albums knocking on our door for attention. The latest of these comes from Venezuelan guitarist Felix Martin and his idyllic-titled "The Scenic Album".

The fourteen-stringer has oodles of chops, there's no question about that. To watch Martin work over double necks with both hands is like watching a sculptor at the height of a caffeine bomb work the hell out of clay. That is to say, Felix Martin at work is expressive, detailed and above all, hyper in every sense of the sense of the word. There's no other way to describe the tirelessly spiraling scales through the first two minutes of "Triangle Tune" than hyper. Martin also has an impressive supporting cast in the studio with him. Joining him on his mission to assault listeners with scores of scales, taps and occasional decorative lucidity is former NECROPHAGIST, Steven Wilson and Paul Gilbert drummer Marco Minnemann plus dubstep bassist Nathan Navarro. - BLABBERMOUTH

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