SSS Limp. Gasp. Collapse. CD
Limp. Gasp. Collapse.

SSS Limp. Gasp. Collapse. CD

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Release Date: November 10, 2014

SSS – Short Sharp Shock to their friends – often seemed unfairly overlooked compared with some other bands of the “thrash revival” (remember that?). There’s no zombies, skateboards or nuclear symbols in sight here, or any other day-glo clichés, nor is there any desperation to prove that, no honestly, they really do love Razor – SSS live up their name, making snappy, quality thrash with a strong hardcore/crossover vibe. There are even hints of grind in places, not least on ‘Beige’, featuring a guest appearance from fellow Liverpudlian miseryguts Jeff Walker. The vaguely Godflesh-like ten-minute long finisher ‘Crushed By Drudgery’ shows SSS can be inventive, too. Mostly though, everything chugs along at a cracking pace. Heads will bang. - TERRORIZER (UK)

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