Weltesser Crestfallen 12"

Weltesser Crestfallen [Limited Edition] 12"

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Release Date: January 27, 2017

2nd Pressing LP 150 London Fog wax available now.

1st Pressing LP 100 Clear Black Resin (SOLD OUT) and 200 Dab Slab (Clear Yellow Swirl) (SOLD OUT)

Crestfallen is 6 tracks clocking in at 30 minutes of sickening, metallic doom guided by feedback and fueled by sour diesel and misery. WELTESSER is comprised of Ian Hronek (Rotting Palms, Landbridge) Nate Peterson (Rotting Palms, Sky Burial) and Mike Amador (Landbridge), who formed the band in Saint Petersburg, FL over Sabbath worship and Monolord. Roughly a year after their inaugural demo release - a syrupy four track cassette

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