Septicflesh Codex Omega 2xCD
Codex Omega

Septicflesh Codex Omega 2xCD

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Release Date: September 1, 2017

Primordial, menacing and majestic, the Gods of orchestral extreme metal return with their trademark blend of mystical atmosphere, relentless death guitar riffing and pale melodies.

Produced by Jens Bogren and featuring the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague, Codex Omega is available on all digital outlets, as a 2 CD set with a disc of orchestral mixes and limited edition colored LPs with the orchestral mixes included as a bonus CD



  1. Dante’s Inferno
  2. 3rd Testament (Codex Omega)
  3. Portrait of a Headless Man
  4. Martyr
  5. Enemy of Truth
  6. Dark Art
  7. Our Church, Below the Sea
  8. Faceless Queen
  9. The Gospels of Fear
  10. Trinity


  1. Martyr of Truth
  2. Dark Testament
  3. Portrait of a Headless Man (Orchestral Version)

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