Loviatar Loviatar CD

Loviatar Loviatar CD

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Release Date: July 28, 2017

LOVIATAR borrow equally from the hazy gloom of My Bloody Valentine and the crushing riffs of Isis. With clearly sung vocals and equal parts sombre and soaring, their thunderous elements of doom and post-metal contrast with hypnotic moments of atmospheric introspection to set them apart from others in the genre.

Availalbe in a digipack with gold printing.

  1.       Nascent (Stygian Wyrm Part I) 6:12
  2.       Discordant (Stygian Wyrm Part II) 3:39
  3.       Ascendant (Stygian Wyrm Part III) 8:08
  4.       Blind Goddess of the Nine Plagues 19:04

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