Micawber Beyond the Reach of Flame 12"
Beyond the Reach of Flame

Micawber Beyond the Reach of Flame 12"

Available: Expected to ship on or around May 18, 2018

Release Date: May 25, 2018

Growling vocals, slamming riffs, twin harmonious guitar solos and blast beat drums mixed with a dusting of sludge, black, prog and tech makes Micawber the leading force in modern death metal.

300 copies on blue and swirl wax.

Featuring artwork by Dan Seagrave.

  1. Full Denim Jacket 
  2. Beyond The Reach Of Flame 
  3. The Starless Sky 
  4. Icon Of Extinction
  5. King Of Ash
  6. In Shadow And Light
  7. Funeral March
  8. The Currents Of Causality 

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