Wristmeetrazor Misery Never Forgets 12"
Misery Never Forgets
Misery Never Forgets Misery Never Forgets Misery Never Forgets

Wristmeetrazor Misery Never Forgets 12"

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Release Date: January 18, 2019


200  hot pink vinyl with silver/metallic splatter


200 Silver with oxblood red splatter (SOLD OUT)

300 Off white w/ blue, green and black splatter (SOLD OUT)


  1. Loathsome
  2. In Line For Halos
  3. Insecurity Checkpoint
  4. Come On In, The Water’s Pink
  5. Goodbye Sweet Betty
  6. XOXO (Love Letter From A Loaded Gun)
  7. He Smiled From Ear To Ear
  8. Expiry Date : 12 Hours
  9. No More Blue Tomorrows

Born as an outlet for trauma, Wristmeetrazor tow the duplicitous line of suffering and salvation. This paradigm flickers brighter than ever through the cloak of darkness that is the band’s debut LP Misery Never Forgets - nine tracks of blinding, chaotic emotion. Conceived in the bedroom of guitarist and vocalist, Jonah Thorne, Wristmeetrazor started as a solo project influenced by the likes of screamo bands Neil Perry and Kodan Armada in Spring of 2017. Shortly after releasing a demo, Thorne enlisted help from bassist and vocalist, Justin Fornof. After releasing two EPs in the Fall of 2017, and touring across the southeast, the band rounded out their line up by adding drummer and vocalist, Bryan Prosser.

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